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images (6)You always dream a room full of gorgeous flowers on your wedding day. Know how to find, and work with, the expert to bring your floral vision come to life. Before choosing a wedding florist, it’s important to consider that there are different types of florists and services available today.

RETAIL FLORIST: These are the street shops you see where you can stop for a bouquet of roses. They are wonderful resources for small orders and items but are not always equipped for or accustomed to servicing full events. Sometimes these shops will do funeral display pieces, but more often than not they are not who you want to use for your wedding.

FLORAL DESIGNER: This is your standard wedding florist. The one who specializes in creatively combining beautiful flowers into bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and decor items for your event. They are generally creative/artistic people who are able to customize their style to the event they are working on (or at least, they should be, but more on that in a minute). When you work with a floral designer you are paying for their flowers, their services, and their creative artistry.

FULL-SERVICE EVENT/FLORAL DESIGNER: There can be some crossover between this and the option above. When you work with a full-service designer like this, you are looking at the option to get not only your flowers, but candles, table numbers, paper goods, and any other decor pieces you might want. These super talented artists are usually most helpful if you have design ideas about your event, but need help executing, and would rather work with one person on all of it.

Before you start dealing with local florists and trying to find the one who will help you with your wedding day, there are some important factors to consider about and know:

FIGURE OUT IF FLOWERS ARE A PRIORITY: Depending on the length of your engagement, when you’re getting married, and how important flowers are to you, you may want to start looking at florists pretty early in the process. Many florists are one-man/woman shops who are only able to do one wedding per day or weekend, and they can book up quickly (especially if you’re getting married during high wedding season).

BALLPARK YOUR BUDGET: As hard as it may be at this stage in planning, it’s also helpful to have some general idea of the budget you are working with for floral design. (Have no idea what that might be? Check out my article here on wedding budgets.) If you start reaching out to florists without a budget in mind, you could end up with quotes that range from $1,500–$15,000 (which is not so helpful).

IDENTIFY YOUR STYLE: Before you get in touch with anyone, it’s helpful if you have an idea about the types of flowers and floral design you like. Look around Pinterest and real weddings to start getting a feel for the styles and types of flowers you prefer, but don’t overthink this part too much. A lot of what you’ll end up with will depend on what’s in season and what your budget can accommodate (because it’s totally possible that the bouquet that looks like you could make it yourself actually cost $400).

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