Choosing your Wedding Cake

Picking the Right Cake for your Wedding Day

wedding-cake-64821287878047ARgX1. Create a Mood Board.
Collect and cut out pictures of details from cakes that inspire you and if you see something you love. Feel free to add pictures of cakes or desserts, you could include anything from fabric swatches, photos, paintings, jewelry, the wedding venue or even somewhere special like a holiday destination you want to go to. Bring this to your first consultation and before you know it, your dream cake will begin to take shape and the finished design will be entirely unique to you as a couple.

2. Borrow the Best Features of Different Designs.
Your wedding cake consultant will have a host of wedding cake designs to share which you may not have considered or pictured as part of your day. If you’re stuck for inspiration, imagine how you would prefer to adapt a current design or combine elements from various cakes.It is by mixing and matching these various details, decorations, colors and flavors that you can begin to custom-make a design that works to your taste.

3. Get a Taster with Cake Samples.
Cake tasting, apart from being a delicious perk of your wedding cake consultation, are a sneak peak at how your wedding dessert will taste when served to guests. Insist on tasting the sponges, fillings and frosting that you can expect for your wedding cake.

4. Consider Wedding Cupcakes as a Take-Home Treat for Guests.
5. Mix up your Wedding Cake Sizes.
Have a different choices of cakes on offer with wedding cake toppers, full-sized wedding cupcakes and mini wedding cupcakes. Mini cupcakes are sweet treats for guests who loves a smaller indulgence and are just the right size for younger children. This also makes it easy to have a tempting selection of cake flavors on offer.